RYA Essential Navigation

  • 12 Months access
  • Access on PC, laptop, tablets and mobiles
  • Certificate of completion

RYA Essential Navigation Online Course  Ideal for those who want to attend the RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course & the RYA Competent Crew Course Stepping stone […]

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RYA Essential Navigation Online Course 

Course Description 

  • The RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship theory course is a fully online course supported by Yachtmaster instructors. This course is an introduction to basic Navigation and Seamanship and equips everyone who wants to go afloat with the basic required knowledge. It is also the stepping stone to the RYA Day Skipper theory where the subjects are taught and covered in depth.
  • The course is delivered online so you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your place, at the end there is no exam so you will be under no pressure to demonstrate your knowledge. You will receive a pack with all the necessary equipment & publications necessary for the completion of the course posted by us and you will be supported by one of our Yachtmaster instructors throughout the course.

Pre Course Experience


Assumed Knowledge



Approx. 8hrs -10hrs study time

no exams at the end


  • Charts, publications & terms

  • Buoyage

  • Navigation

  • Safety

  • Anchoring

  • Tides

  • Electronic Navigation

  • Rules of the road

  • Weather Forecasts

  • Pilotage

  • Passage planning

Ability After Course

  • Introduction to Basic Navigation & seamanship

  • Stepping stone to the RYA Day Skipper Theor


RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship

What’s Included

  • 12 Months of access to the RYA interactive website
  • 7 days/week support by RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

  • RYA training charts & Online almanac

  • RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship Handbook

  • Plotter & Dividers

  • Worldwide Delivery of The Theory Pack

  • Charts, publications, and equipment will be posted by theoryMode

RYA Essential Navigation

RYA Essential Navigation Online Course Advantages 

The RYA Essential Navigation Online Course offers numerous advantages for individuals looking to enhance their navigation skills. Here’s a brief description of some key benefits:

  1. Convenient Online Learning: The RYA Essential Navigation Online course is delivered entirely online, providing flexibility for learners to study at their own pace and convenience. This is ideal for individuals with busy schedules or those who prefer self-paced learning.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The RYA Essential Navigation Online course covers essential navigation concepts comprehensively, ensuring that participants gain a solid understanding of fundamental maritime navigation principles.
  3. Interactive Modules:Engaging and interactive modules make learning enjoyable. The use of multimedia elements, quizzes, and interactive exercises helps reinforce key concepts and keeps learners actively engaged.
  4. RYA-Approved Content: The course content adheres to RYA standards, guaranteeing its alignment with industry best practices. This ensures that participants receive high-quality and up-to-date information.
  5. Professional Guidance: Participants receive continuous support from experienced RYA-qualified instructors throughout the course. This guidance ensures that any queries or challenges are promptly addressed, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  6. Accessible Resources: The RYA Essential Navigation Online course provides access to a variety of resources, including charts, diagrams, and instructional materials. These resources aid in the practical application of navigation skills and enhance the learning process.
  7. Recognition and Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive a certification from the RYA. This recognition adds value to their credentials and is widely respected within the maritime industry.
  8. Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you are a beginner looking to build a foundation in navigation or an experienced sailor wanting to refresh your skills, the Essential Navigation Online Course caters to individuals of all skill levels.
  9. Cost-Effective Learning: Eliminating the need for travel and physical materials, online courses often prove to be a cost-effective option. Participants can access quality navigation training without incurring additional expenses.
  10. Immediate Application of Knowledge: The practical nature of the course ensures that participants can immediately apply the skills learned to real-world navigation scenarios, enhancing their competence on the water.

In summary, the RYA Essential Navigation Online Course combines the convenience of online learning with comprehensive content, expert guidance, and industry recognition, making it a valuable choice for individuals seeking to improve their navigation proficiency.

Additional Information about RYA Courses can be found at the official RYA website www.rya.org.uk

RYA Essential Navigation
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